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Here is a link to help remind you of the story you heard.

Yes I did relate a whole bunch of desperate ways to stop one of these attacks and I was being both literal and satirical.

If you think my comments went too far I have included a dosage of reality for you. Do you think the people in this link went too far trying to save the lives?

Almost everything the news media told you was false. Example-I did not make that questionable post from work, period.

45,000 Americans  believed the media and social media, which were all based on words taken from context. .  A petition was created to have me terminated from my employment. 45,000 people were easily fooled into signing a petition that was loaded with “inaccuracies”.

After my employer received complaints I was stripped of duty and put under an internal investigation.

Most complainants claimed to a be “concerned” that I was unfit, void of compassion, a dog killer,  future serial killer etc, so I thought I would just include a little bit about my compassion for animals. Put this to bed right here. Click the next 2 links if you care to see. Skip them if you believe me.

CLICK HERE TO SEE THE CATS WE RESCUED  just weeks before, ironically enough, that I was demoted and almost fired due to the pressure the pit bull and fighting breed advocates placed on my employer.

I even played a part in saving the lives of pit bulls. See here.

Political correctness often dictates over truth sadly , and in this case against me there just happens to be hundreds of millions of dollars behind the propaganda machine that is trying to silence  the message  that victims of pit bull attacks and I are trying to bring to you.

Deaths make up only  a small fraction of the total number of affected children and adults, whom  are mutilated, disfigured and extremely handicapped for life.

The pit bull apologia of America wanted to discredit a very valid public safety campaign. It was less about me, and more about portraying pit bull attack survivors and their supporters as some sort of a hate group….Yes, I made it easy for them, but taking statements from context to harm people is WRONG.

The  conversation  I was crucified for taking part in was a conversation about saving a victim from the jaws of an unrelenting pit bull attack. My comments within that discussion were taken from the context of that discussion, and placed naked and alone into a separate Torrington community discussion/debate in regards to a pit bull attack in Wilton CT on Anne Murray.

Clearly, it was a discussion about methods to save a human life from an attacking, dangerous pit bull.  Participants in this discussion were mainly victims of violent pit bull attacks, and other public safety professionals, public safety advocates, humane advocates and others.  Within this conversation, both humane and desperate methods were discussed. Sarcasm played a role.

In regards to the intentions of Denise Cohn when she pasted my words into the T Town Torrington Chatter without their context,  I cannot say. I can however tell you that she is or was involved with The Little Guild of Saint Francis Animal Shelter in Cornwall CT.

I can also tell you there were 2 great pit bull debates on the T Town Torrington Chatter. (There is a link to 1 of them about 8 paragraphs up) Public safety advocates  (my side) defeated pit bull advocates hands down in both debates. She did have input in both.

Most pit bull advocates do not like to let the truth to be heard about fighting breed dogs  without first causing doubt in the minds of the readers, so they try to debate, and when their lack of logical reasoning is exposed, they begin with personal attacks.

The group I am a part of  promotes mandatory spay and neuter of pit bulls. Shelters across the United States would be empty (or much less empty) if it were not for the over-saturation of pit bulls in America and I suspect shelters generally get more donations from people when their kennels are full. It really is no surprise to me as to why I am so routinely attacked by shelter workers everywhere.

MANY of “our” employers have been contacted and pressured into “making an example” out of those of us who who advocate for people whom have been torn and ripped to pieces by pit bulls.

The support people are not the only ones getting terrorized.

The pit bull attack victims themselves whom are routinely blamed for the attacks they have endured in the jaws of these dogs are also harassed and BLAMED for the attacks they have endured.

The pit bull apologia of America tells them (and the rest of the world) that they were not properly supervising their children. They are told they raised the dog wrong. It is their own fault fault their child is dead. They are animal abusers and haters. Bad parents.

Does this sound like something a credible person or group would do?

This is not something that is specific to me in the least. This is about censorship, and harassment, and bullying. Also, DIRTY MONEY. Here is one other common example. The press gets harassed when they cover the truth.

Mariette Slater accused me of, or suggested (in a public forum) that I I participated in the Torrington Discussion during work hours, wasting taxpayer time. She broadcast this on the public page t town chatter, (link up above) , and she reported this inaccuracy to my employer. (I did not participate during work hours and this website proves it)

The words of mine that were cut and paste, from one discussion to another, looked sadistic out of the context that someone removed it from. Denise Cohn did the pasting.

An internal “investigation”  at the Fire Department ensued.

The outcome of the investigation did not bode well for me.

I would like to think that they chose to drag me through the mud because it was the easiest thing to do.  The following excerpt was taken from a support group for people, like me, whom were “targeted” by large online hate groups, which the pit bull supporters of America are.

Work/School: Harassment that bleeds over into your workplace or school can be particularly stressful, as abusers will seek to have you sanctioned or even fired by way of mass false reporting. Even without a specific accusation, this harassment can place your job at risk as some employers may find that firing you is simply less trouble than dealing with the harassment. Particular professions, notably those that rely on privileged confidence or involve working with children, are especially sensitive to accusations.

That statement in red is accurate in every way. I would like to think this is why the fire department investigative report went the way it did. There was mass, false reporting. There was a lack of any specific accusations. It was easier to punish me than it was to face the hundreds of phone calls and thousands of emails they were receiving (and/or were going to be receiving) from the mis-led pit bull advocates. It makes sense, but accepting this as a sole reason would mean I would be ignoring many other facts that gives me reason to suspect outright bias.

This bias of pit bull owners borders on sickness.

Firstly, I know the internal investigator was already predisposed to propaganda that was derived from wealthy think tanks. Propaganda specifically created to protect the image of the pit bulls. He once had a debate with me on the subject, so I know.

The internal investigator in the fire department that was assigned to the case was Deputy Chief Christopher Peplar, a pit bull owner himself  who never acknowledged to me that my canine public safety work held very true to the mission statement of the department. (life safety)   In fact in his report he states that I went against the mission statement of being concerned for public safety. 

One of his conclusions in his report reminded me that I am held to a higher standard. He fails to realize that speaking out for public safety against a very vocal opposition “IS” acting out to a higher standard. “Buckling” to them is the opposite.

During this private debate between him and I a couple months prior to these troubles, he once told me that the recognition of pit bulls as being dangerous, is exactly like racism. 

Sorry. Wrong. I would like for him to just sit there in his wrongness and be wrong.  He simply does not understand that the premise behind the varying breeding programs was exactly for the purpose of making dog breeds to be different from each other in both abilities and behavior to begin with! Recognizing that is not racism on my part! 

Breeds were created by man to be unequal to each other purposely. This needs to be recognized.


Could he really remain unbiased in his investigation while having such “opinions”?

He conducted the “investigation” into my comments,  created an internal investigative report that included little or no or not enough context to allow a reader of the report to even know that my words which led to my troubles were set in the context of a public safety movement that aims to end the daily trips to trauma centers by Americans and their children. He is also a pit bull owner and advocate himself,  and is/was  Facebook  friends with at least 2 of the 4 complainants.

Why did the investigator not call in  physicians in to ask them if pit bull attacks cause injuries severe enough to warrant would-be rescuers to use desperate measures in saving the life of the person being attacked? Instead, the “investigator” called in a veterinarian to see if it was possible to kill a dog while saving a human life.

The act of calling in a plastic surgeon into the investigation would have justified the context of my statement, and “someone” would have to admit they are wrong on the original subject matter in the debates, and wrong to take any action against me.

The veterinary “input” was used in the report, and the report, in my opinion portrayed me as a delusional psychopath that was a lone wolf. I do not feel the report portrayed me as a participant, or part of something much bigger and much more important.

So no, I do not believe the  only  reason I was burned at the stake was because of public pressure. The evidence gives me plenty of reasons to suspect more.

Evidence gathered from Deb Gaths testimony in the the internal investigative report  that he created, suggests the possibility  that Deb Gath, Torrington’s animal control officer and he were discussing my comments behind closed doors on November 6th, long before any complaints from the “public”.

One could venture to imagine that we would need formal complaints from actual members of the public to start an official investigation.

This is when the t town chatter debate magically started, which the “first” complaints were stemmed from.  These complaints were launched by one of his f-b friends Mariette Slater. (whom also was also not-so-ironically involved in the t town chatter debate)

As if one of his friends were not enough to make me suspect something fishy, there was another friend of his that also lodged a complaint. Her name was Francine Patrick.

Oh yea. there was also a letter of complaint from “anonymous” ..pfft

After my employer received complaints I was stripped of duty and put under an internal investigation.

Scroll down a bit and you can see inserted screen shot of the promise of a coordinated harassing email campaign. Look at the pressure these people put on our good city. This screenshot says volumes.

Does this fit the definition of social media terrorism?

(this is the f-b group that was called “Terminate Prince” or something of that nature. They later changed their name to “:Defenders of Pit Bulls”

This threat was after the Fire department already received over 400 calls,  and possibly thousands of emails if I recollect correctly,  demanding that the Deputy Fire Marshal who kills pit bulls be fired and arrested.

The department demoted me. The department and chiefs were in the midst of putting on “the dirty dozen” Torrington’s biggest recruitment class ever, and obtaining new fire apparatus. It was a really BUSY time. I doubt they had time to deal with a band of “zealots” (as one friend calls them)  who would flood their email boxes and voice mails.

I suspect they needed these bullies to go away in order for them to get back to the business of fire protection.

These false beliefs about pit bulls being as safe for neighborhoods as other dogs have infected members of our society on all levels, making it very hard for some pit bull owners to admit they are wrong, and  even at the expense of another persons reputation and/or employment some people find it easier to bury the messenger than to admit their core beliefs on this subject have been wrong. This is called cognitive dissonance.

I cannot prove anything for certain other than “we” are the good guys, and anyone who played a part in the actions against us are the bad guys.  We have more than enough reason to feel our message was unfairly trampled on by people of special interest. The protection of our message is a very large reason for this website

The most painful irony of all in the direction taken, was that a public safety agency inadvertently or not harmed, of all things, a very fragile and important public safety awareness campaign.

I would like to remind the fire service that there are trade associations that actively fight against mandatory smoke detectors, sprinklers and second exits, and other fire safety code issues. If the fire service were to lay down and roll over for them, like was done for the pit bull advocates, fire safety would be minimal. Maybe there would not even be a need for Deputy Chiefs in the fire service if we rolled over for the building trades and played dead on public safety issues.

Since I was demoted in late 2013, well over 50 Americans have been killed by pit bulls.  (as of early 2016) Hundreds more mutilated. Over 100,000 domestic animals have been slaughtered by pit bulls.

Do not tell me this is not a public safety issue.

Do not tell the world this is my “opinion” about pit bulls. He reflected in his report that these are my “opinions” on pit bulls. The people that get mauled DAILY and killed  by pit bulls have nothing to do with my “opinion”

The very manner in which he included in his official report something about my “opinion” makes me wonder if his opinion as a pit bull owner had any bearing on how he built his report.

I was born in Torrington, and still live here.  Open this link to see a break down of the use of the city’s time and equipment for my volunteer public safety work that I was assassinated over.

The 4 major issues used in the decision to punish me, were:

1. Loafing and abusing city time.

2. Using department equipment.

3.  I caused the public to lose trust in the fire department, which will later be discussed.

4. Conduct unbecoming, which I already discussed

Define public:  5 or 6 complainants. ( — some of whom are friends and relatives with each other and the “internal investigator”

The rest of the world, and the TRUE PUBLIC lost trust because of faulty reporting. It is no wonder the petition to have me removed from employment garnished 45,000 signatures.

The press jumped on the story based on the fire department’s investigative report and added a bit of flavor.  The well seasoned story whipped up a firestorm of hate against me, which caused intense pressure to have me fired.

I was nearly fired but demoted instead. I received death threats. My previous address was posted online. Harassing phone calls

I lost position. Career. 10,000 dollars of base pay and more.

Lies about me spread like wildfire through social media during the investigation and the result of the lies brought an incredible amount of pressure on the local government here. A petition was created, and it was all based on my words being stripped from supporting context. The petition garnished 45,000 signatures world wide and about 300 from Torrington.

The people who advocate for fighting breeds of canines (pit bull advocates) threatened continued harassment of city officials if they did not get their way.

promised continued harassment 2

If you read the  above debate/discussion 

you will  see the pit bull advocates took a beating on the subject matter. They lost the debate so badly, they  resorted to insults and ad hominem attacks. Ad Hominem is yet another way to promote fallacy.





A lot of people have asked me, “Rick, why do you advocate for pit bull attack victims? With all the bigger problems in the world….why this?”

My answer: First, It is the right thing to do and there are far smaller issues in this country that get a lot more attention than pit bull attacks.

Second, I really did not pick this. I think it picked me.


It is in my personality to look for the things that fall through the cracks of the majority’s perception.

For example: I was the Firefighter/Deputy Fire Marshal who created an extensive program to help families learn how to escape a fire together. I made home visits to families and taught them to escape fires. To the limits of my knowledge, I was the only firefighter in the nation to spend a couple of hours in people’s homes teaching them how to escape a fire, using both a Power-point presentation and practical exercises. I even used a fog machine to simulate smoke; rope ladders, smoke detectors and flashlights were given to participants.

The brutal consequences of pit bull attacks became another one of these niche type of things that caught my attention. Another one of those things that are escaping the attention of the masses.

Almost every week an American dies from the jaws of a pit bull. People are rushed to trauma centers and hospitals daily. Pit bulls kill other domestic animals by the droves.

I  was involved in an awareness campaign that is being hid from you by a very wealthy propaganda machine.

Awareness of this death and injury toll on humans by pit bulls is something that falls through the cracks of majority perception.

Below is another example of something that captured my attention as a safety official:  Furniture and television tip-over. Another subject that most people never think about.

I had developed a furniture tip-over Powerpoint program just for Torrington when I was the public education officer for the City of Torrington. It was my intention to get it shown in the first time parenting classes at the local hospital, and I also intended to push that beyond Torrington. After getting shifted to the code inspection department, I managed to convince the next public education officer to implement facts about furniture and television tip over in the first time parenting class at the hospital.

I am not here blowing my own horn about my accomplishments, and I consider these things I have done rather small and not very significant in this world but this is just an example of my personality. I am a niche finder. The additional risk to life and limb that comes with pit bulls, as compared with other dogs is a niche, and a truth that cannot be denied. It is a truth that will always exist despite how much you bully the messengers.

Anyone who would agree that first-time parenting classes should have furniture and television tip over awareness education, but were part of the mob who ambushed me and burned me at the stake for working on pit bull awareness issues for American health and safety, should take a good long look in the mirror, because pit bulls kill many more Americans than furniture tip-overs in America every year.

In 2013, once every three weeks a child was killed by television and furniture tip overs,  Pit bulls top  that statistic, easily. Two to three or more people are severely mauled by a pit bull every single day in this country, and one person is killed nearly every 10 days.

We are not talking about generic dog bites. The 4 and a half million annual dog bites is a whole separate issue from the mauling and maiming issue. The mauling issue is almost exclusively a pit bull and fighting breed issue.

Public safety and service to my community is what I was standing for.  Helping to shield pit bull attack victims and their families from these types of bullies that conspired against me was also something I was standing for. Yet, I was targeted by the bullies, special interest groups and people that place pit bulls above mauled and slaughtered children. They use political correctness to hide truth.

I am closely tied into AVOCA, (please donate there) and soon to be representing them as their first state chapter.  Connecticut will be the first local chapter of this very special victim support group called AVOCA.

I am also very proud to have been asked to be a press liason for The National Pit Bull Victim Awareness group.

See AVOCAS AMAZING introduction video, called WONT BACK DOWN. We will not back down from the people who bully canine attack victims and their supporters. (the character assassination against me a perfect example of what they do)

Pit bull propagandists’ and fighting breed advocates ACT CRIMINALLY and/or OFFENSIVELY SO OFTEN WE MADE A VIDEO!

We have also started CROUD and have been very active in local awareness activities here in Connecticut. (Connecticut Residents Against Dangerous Dogs) Find us on face-book!

Since early 2013, I have been active in the support of victims of pit bull and fighting breed attacks.


Ohio pit bullers showed their true colors as expected, See the disrespect towards a memorial for  people killed by pit bulls during my trip to Ohio here.

People who share the views of these people whom are mocking a memorial are the ones who brought you the narrative about me. Who are you more likely to believe, them or me?

Harassment like this, and worse is also  happening to the actual families and survivors of pit bull attacks. People who are  attacked by a pit bull, lose an arm or a child or a father and try to tell America that their loss was not from an ordinary “dog bite”  are persecuted by the pit bull mafia. That is one of the reasons I became involved in pit bull attack awareness to begin with.To stop their bully-ism.

Try to tell people that if your dog was an Irish setter instead of a pit bull that your mother would still be alive. You will be labelled a racist. Hater. Dog abuser.  Your employer will be contacted if you said anything they can take out of context and use against you. People who stand up with the victims and defend them will get the same treatment. That is exactly what happened to me.

To draw a parallel, try to imagine victims of drunk driving crashes being re-victimized and harassed by drunk drivers because the victims wanted to bring a MADD lecture to the local High School.

This issue of disrespect extends beyond Ohio and Carolina.

On my last day at the Fire Department, about a year after my troubles there. The internal investigator that created the report which was used in my demotion and  was released to the press,  brought in his pit bull.  Although I was told later that someone else was responsible for this , I choose not to believe that.

I really do not know “why” he brought the pit bull to my farewell hot dog lunch, but I know what it “felt” like. It felt like harassment. It felt like he was gloating, and rubbing salt in my wounds, and into the wounds of the people who have lost children and mothers to pit bulls. It felt like he was mocking me, and all of the dead and mutilated people who were attacked by pit bulls.

If you are on the fence about the pit bulls and you think they may be just as safe as other breeds/types, I have included just a fraction of the evidence that clearly states otherwise on  this website. You will see many professionals give credibility to the fact they are the worst pet you could select for your family. Courts, physicians, judges, animal experts, and even a PEER REVIEWED medical journal.

Clearly the majority of Americans do NOT want pit bulls in their communities, as the recent referendums in Aurora County Colorado, and Miami Dade Florida prove. I speak up for this majority,

Do I hate dogs?………Seriously?  I have been a dog lover longer than most of these pit bull loving whipper-snappers have been alive.

shady n me


Is it true that pit bulls are much more dangerous than normal pet breeds of dogs? Yes. This is a fact but I have supplied various links on my website will help you to decide for yourself.


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