How in the world did I get started in all this?

I had never really thought much about pit bulls until 2013, when one of my Facebook “friends” and old high school classmate posted something about a pit bull in a really fluffy manner. I off-handedly remarked something to the effect that pit bulls were dangerous.   (I knew just enough about their inherent, unpredictable aggression to steer clear of them.) A debate began, during which the pit bull supporters, Jeanine Colangelo Johnson, her friends and her husband weighed in and some of them became verbally abusive towards me.

More about that conversation, and the general relationship between Jeanine and I.  (HERE)

Many fighting breed advocates are  a shining example of the empathy crisis we have in this country, as explained here by Monica Lewinsky. They certainly proved it when they demanded me to be fired and some of them even promised to murder me.

I relate very well to Justine Sacco. My deal and her deal was very much the same. Thousands of people piling on for the sole purpose of impressing their immediate peers.   I dedicate this beautiful photograph to Justine and Monica.


During and after this abusive treatment from the debate on Jeanine’s face book wall,, I began to investigate and I stumbled across a non profit website www.dogsbite.org.  On this website, the writer, Colleen Lynn picked apart and dismantled the myths that pit bull supporters  often use to “sell” their pit bulls to the public. I instantly recognized these myths as the same myths that Jeanine and her pit crew were using in their attempt to convince (bully-fail) me that pit bulls are safe for our communities.

The further I researched, I discovered more and more that pit bulls were overrepresented in fatal dog attack cases. Pit bulls and their mixes are responsible for 65% of (actually this number is much higher)  all canine related fatalities, while making up only 5 or 6% of the dog population.. those facts are irrefutable. With over 500 recognized breeds, why are pit bulls responsible for about 65 %  (higher) of deaths in 2013 and 2014?



I dug deeper. I soon became a member of multiple pit bull awareness Facebook groups. The main focus of these groups are to bring awareness to the fact that pit bulls are more dangerous than other breeds of dogs within our communities. It was not shocking to learn that the moderators of these groups were pit bull attack survivors and family members of the deceased whom did not survive a pit bull attack.



I began to see a pattern in the online threads of these pit bull attack awareness groups I was with. Pit bull supporters flocked to these victim-run Facebook pages, bringing with them their redundant and ridiculous arguments, insults and threats. The moderators of the pages seemed patient, and relayed facts in the discussions, only to be verbally abused by the bullies.

The abuse is beyond imaginable.  Jeff and Kim Borchardt has had to endure horrible comments aimed at their son Daxton shortly after Daxton was killed by his babysitters 2 pit bulls. Comments about using his son’s head as a bowling ball and his photo on the dart board. You are going to hear a lot about this ruthless and dishonest pit bull advocacy. They do not respect the living. They do not respect the dead. They do not respect the truth. They want all special restrictions removed from their specially dangerous dogs.

This was the catalyst for me to go all in. Victims, and parents of dead children being bullied and treated the exact same way I was treated during my first pit bull debate on Jeanine Colangelo Johnson”s face book wall.

Pit bull owners often censor not only the victims, but also the professionals who stand with them. (yours truly being one of many)

Bullying and censorship is nothing new to pit bull advocates. Click here to see the tip of the iceberg for censorship by pit bull advocates and the pit bull mafia.  A quick list of their constant infringement on the 1st amendment. 

 I became very active on my off duty time helping these people bring their message. Example of my postings. The majority had this flavoring. .

Some of my activities have included: Letter writing to legislators, mayors and other officials, newspapers and websites; discussion, and the disseminating and disposing of the false information that spews from those who advocate for pit bulls: These are the statements of mine that the pit bull mafia wanted censored. All they had to do was pressure my employer to get what they wanted. They already tried to bully me directly and had no results.


If you happen to be skeptical about my views on pit bulls, for whatever anecdotal reason you are thinking of, or your personal experience with one, perhaps you will take the word of plastic surgeons, other medical professionals, animal behavior specialists (that are not on the payroll of the pit bull propaganda machine)

This peer reviewed medical journal holds much more weight than the  non validated comments we hear from the Parolees and Pit Bosses, and shelter workers and anybody else that stands in line waiting for the slow train. Our community really needs to start listening to those that bothered to get educated or had the sense to have at least an open mind, and stop listening to anyone that spreads dangerous pit bull propaganda.


The pit bull propaganda machine is real.

Always follow the money to find the root problems.

The roots—-Do you trust the NCRC to help form public safety policy?


Do you trust the NCRC?   (National Canine Research Council.)  Pit supporters, fringe special interest groups,  and many trade associations have managed to use the studies or information from the NCRC to influence public policy. Do we really want that?

Did we want to listen to the studies done by the tobacco studies during the war on tobacco?

A facebook page. Revealing all the horrid results from the top



My words were pasted by DENISE COHN who last I knew was with with The Little Guild Animal Shelter in Cornwall CT. (shocker)  She did not bother including the immediate supporting context of the conversation, nor did she bother to explain what the immediate context of conversation was a part of, which is a victims’ advocacy movement.  CONTEXT is EVERYTHING, and my words were taken from their supporting context on multiple levels.

This T Town Chatter discussion that DENISE pasted my words into was a discussion about Anne Murray, a Wilton CT woman who had very recently had both of her arms removed by her pet pit bull.

To see this discussion click (HERE Torrington T-TOWN CHATTER) big link, let it load.

Pay special attention to Mariette Slater’s abusive treatment of anyone who spoke the truth. Notice how quickly she decided to notify my employer even before  Denise Cohn pasted my comment.  Both of them issued complaints to my employer.

When we asked Mariette Slater what she would do in a situation like that, (saving a human from a killer pit bull attack in progress) her answer was ……nothing. Why?

Let’s see if she can say anything bad about these heroes who have been handed medals for their efforts in risking themselves during the rescue of a person under a lethal pit bull attack. Should these people be fired from their jobs too?

Denise Cohn, from the Little Guild of St Francis, a no kill shelter in Cornwall CT, also did not offer any advice on the t town chatter thread on what to do in the case of a pit bull attack., With the amount of pit bulls that humane and no kill shelters are adopting out to the unsuspecting public, we can count on seeing more of this. Ashville boy killed by the pit bull adopted out by Ashville North Carolina animal shelter/humane society. July 2015.

One wonders how many dangerous pit bulls are adopted to unsuspecting families every year by shelters and why would Denise Cohn not be the person to offer advice on this topic during this Torrington discussion, but instead do what she did to a person  that cared enough to have this discussion?

In her own words….

Well……You decide.

Still not convinced Pit Bulls are dangerous? See how the courts have weighed in. 

Here is a LANDMARK court case from 2012 that specifically rule pit bulls as inherently dangerous

Excuse me for getting off topic. Onwards.

 I am not alone in speaking these truths about fighting breeds of dogs however. Nationwide, there is momentum gathering against the presence of pit bulls in our communities,  in a movement that is public safety oriented, and which has been compared to MADD — Mothers Against Drunk Driving. See me if interested in protecting your neighborhoods against these dogs.


The root of the big pit bull debates is really simple. You fall on one side or you fall on the other. It really appears that the conflict between safe neighborhoods and the right to own gripping breed dogs is at an impasse.

Pit bull advocates constantly cry foul, and claim we discriminate  against their breed of choice. They try to make the world think this is some sort of a civil rights issue. They try to piggy back their cause onto the backs of minorities and the social rights’ issues.

The fact is this. They discriminated when they CREATED the pit bull.

That is discrimination!  Breeding dogs to become what they want is EXACT discrimination. They want you to believe we are the ones who are guilty of a civil rights violation in our recognition of their discrimination, selection and choice. Our recognition of their “choice”.

Here is a good way to think about discrimination. The umbrella word for discrimination and selection is choice.

1.-Do you  choose  to discriminate against the Children who land in the ICU DAILY,  a dead American every 12 days,  50,000 pets slaughtered by pit bulls annually. Millions who live in fear of their neighbors pit bull……... or do you choose to discriminate against pit bulls. IT REALLY IS THAT SIMPLE.

Pit bull advocates have made their choice. They chose to discriminate against the social and civil rights of the slaughtered victims.

I have made my  choice.  I choose to discriminate against pit bulls and I have chosen to support the social and civil rights of the PEOPLE who had the right not to get slaughtered by their neighbors dog

Who is really guilty of discrimination? Who is guilty of selection? Who is guilty of choice? Everybody.

Pit bull advocates and the pit bull mafia have successfully fooled and bullied, and probably paid legislators to pass laws in 19 states that prevent your local communities from making the right choice.

They have led many legislators to believe that the people who are making the right choices...the safest choices are guilty of a discriminatory civil rights issue. Against their dog!

Nineteen states now prohibit your local community from choosing to select the civil rights of human victims over the civil rights of dogs.

News flash! Dogs do not have civil rights, yet these laws were created as if they do.

These are called preemptive laws.

You would be shocked if you were to read the testimony from pit bull advocates that create these laws. Based on nothing relevant at all.

The solution? Legislators need to smarten up and realize that the recognition of selective and discriminatory breeding programs are nothing even remotely close to a civil rights issue.

The exact opposite is true. These preemptive laws are an infringement on the civil right of the human victims that are slaughtered by these “pets”

The attack on me, on some levels, was a part of a campaign against the civil rights of these canine attack victims. Legislators, please get with this!

Take special note now of your pit bull friends who try to make everything so complicated. There is a reason they want to complicate the common sense simplistic approach.

Although the pit bull supporters are the minority in America, they are very vocal and politically they seem to be the majority because of the amount of noise pollution they create. Their tactics revolve around dishonesty, myths, slogans, and bullying. They are funded by some of the wealthiest benefactors and animal-rights groups in the country, and even have television shows on big networks that help to promote this dangerous propaganda.

The “pit bullies” are still harassing victims, and the victims depend on sane, rational people to stand with them in their moments of grief and healing.

It was sickening for me to see a public safety agency such as a fire department not standing with the victims , who need us to remain rational and sensible. The last thing these people needed was to see their tax dollars buckling to bullies, and at the expense of a public safety awareness campaign that is so very important to all of us.





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