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My comment was during work hours?

The next link, you already read. It was the comment I was crucified for, and everybody wanted me fired because they were led to believe I did it from work while I was supposed to be working. That was not true...

Here is the post of mine that caused the storm. You will see it here in it's context 




You were told that this long winded comment of mine was done while I was supposed to be working.  That is simply not true. It was November 10th, 2013 when I sent that comment. Check your calendar, and you will see November 10th was a SUNDAY. I posted this from the FRONT PORCH OF MY HOME.

If the media told the truth about this, would all of the Torrington residents who wanted me fired, instead have supported me and demanded that the Fire Department not demote or fire me? Nice job media.



A little bit about that petition against me

45,000 Americans  believed it.  A petition was created to have me terminated from my employment. 45,000 people were easily fooled into signing a petition that was loaded with "inaccuracies".

That petition had no credibility.


Did the public really lose trust as the internal investigation suggested?


Here are 2 stories of firefighters that ACTUALLY killed a pit bulls to protect a victim. Did we lose trust in this guy?

How about this firefighter? This story comes straight from a website the our Fire Department uses for a training tool! Did the public lose trust in this firefighter? 

He should be fired before something happens! He might save another life!  I guess the internal investigator missed this training assignment or something. The firefighter killed an attacking pit bull with a firefighting tool.   Axe? Halligan bar? How were my statements any worse than real life? So it is ok for members of the Torrington Fire Department to learn these things from this training tool website, but it is not ok to talk about these things?

This woman is a hero for doing something that I only spoke about.

None of the above people caused the public to lose trust. Simple.

I was extremely offended to have the "loss of trust" charge leveled against me.

On the contrary, I fire that charge right back at everybody that was involved in the actions against me.


For the greater cause of severe canine attack prevention,       WE THE PEOPLE      need you to understand that the attack on me was a roadblock of a public safety movement. At least on some level it was. The pressure to punish  me was nothing more than a successful attempt of censorship by the pit bull mafia.  I refuse to implicate any individuals in the concerted effort against me. Some people were acting on their own and some people were part of something bigger.

Cyber bullying and harassment, slander and deceit are all common weapons of these people. 

hate group_n

These people are quite proud that they can find things you say and remove your words from context to harm you. They have done it to MANY of us.


The problem people had with me was not that one comment that was taken from context, but rather the hundreds of other comments and letters I had written. My political activity was under attack, and my comment was being used like a tool to destroy my political activity. 

And to destroy my career.

A face book group, and/or the petition which garnished 45,000 signature worldwide was the work of a Rhode Island woman supposedly named Crystal Betters.  Who coordinated with who? There were a few Torrington people who jumped on this facebook group and actively participated.


It appears to me that this admin admits to creating the page to "affect my career" Is this criminal, or not?


ruin careed1


Trying to destroy my career and my life, and ruin it for my children. This was a coordinated, multi pronged effort to destroy me for protecting you, and for  standing up to the pit bull bullies. Take a good look at the people I mention on this website. Are they part of a coordinated attack, or were they acting on their own?


In a nut shell, some of these people were out to discredit this public safety movement, in general. By demonizing me, they were also strategically attacking pit bull victims and public safety advocates nationwide. . All they needed was a statement of mine  taken from context. They are still using my case, like it proves pit bull attack victims are all part of a "hate group" ......Really.  How could that be believable on any level? 


Look at these lies. Who exactly created these lies?  The petition creator? The newspapers? The internal investigator?  The complainant? A complainant had accused me of such things. Time lines prove I did not. November 10th was a Sunday. You cannot just openly tell people what my intentions were when I wrote what i wrote. Broadcasting to the world what my intentions were. This is slander. 


while on duty petition fb bs


How else could they get 45,000 people to sign a petition to have me fired? If they told the truth they would have been lucky to garnish 45 signatures.



You may have questions. The first questions you have are really simple.


Q-Have I ever killed pit bulls? A----No

Q-Do I want to kill pit bulls? A-----No, in fact I even saved the life of a pit bull from freezing to death, and two more pit bulls I helped to rescue in July 2015. (I played a major role in the rescue of 2 pit bulls and a minor role in 1) 

Q- Are you even a dog lover?   A----- YES! I have owned dogs for nearly my entire life. My last lil buddy:


Q--Why not drop it and just let it go?


1.) My intentions were grossly misrepresented by all reports. It is important to clear my name of anything the press told you about me. Clearing away some of the things you were told about me.

2.) I could not trust my employer to tell the world I was involved in a public safety movement, so how am I to trust them as a character reference for future employers? 

3.) Even more importantly, many of the survivors of pit bull attacks and surviving family members of those that did not survive their attack were horribly upset about my demotion. They all realized that the press and social media were way off base, and a crushing blow to me was also a crushing blow to them. They have been crushed enough. I sincerely hope this helps them. You simply have no idea how they have been treated. Many of them treated exactly like I was, even after a death in their family. 

The lack of government intervention in the prevention efforts of pit bull maulings is the very essence of their political movement. For them to see a government agency being abused and being led astray from governments main purpose  of  "insuring domestic tranquility"  as outlined in the Constitution of the United States, was a crushing blow to many people. . Adding insult to injury, the branch of government which was bullied and abused has a  mission statement  to protect the people. Multiple levels.

We all saw some perfectly good intended efforts of mine be turned upside-down with "inaccuracies" and/or  lies and deceit, and spun into a moral victory for the pit bull mafia.  We wish to rip my tarnished reputation off of the pit bull propaganda dung pile and put it back into the righteous light where it belongs.

This overall disgusting example of dumb political pressure, pit bull propaganda, inaccuracies and/or dishonesty, and deceit can serve as a piece of history to be used the next time a professional person comes under fire from the pit bull propaganda machine and /or pit bull advocates. If you are an employer, and are considering the termination of your employee based on complaints from the pull crowd, just stop. Look. Breathe. Look at the big picture and tell the complainants to get a life.

I reclaim my troubles as a victory for the mistreated victims. I am certain this website will convince you that the real truth is this:

Pit bull owners (fighting breed advocates)  of America have something to hide, and the best way for them to hide it, is to censor anyone who sheds light on it.


Last Question

What can you do to help?

Give to these people and charitable organizations I have listed below. They are doing the job that the government SHOULD be doing. They are dedicated to YOUR safety and well being. They are BRAVE enough to stand up to the death threats and harassment from the pit bull cult and they are strong enough to make a  stand and be heard. They  need your donations. WE need them to survive, because without them you will have only the other side to listen to. The side that promotes allowing fighting breeds into our neighborhoods which leads to the  killings of 40,000 to 50,000 other domestic animals every year in the most inhumane of ways.  The side that promotes the terror of millions of Americans that are RIGHTFULLY afraid of their neighbors pit bull. The side that promotes the landing of multiple Americans whom are admitted into trauma centers daily, and last but not least, there is the promotion that accepts an American being killed in the cruelest and slowest of ways about every 12 days.

Please donate, and donate regularly. Thank you.




www.voicesofthe victims.org


Bookmark this blog for some very enlightening reads;



I do realize there are websites that support the breed, but if you consider the sources, you will realize that these pit bull supportive websites are “think tank derived”, full of propaganda and are useless to public safety. These websites and organizations have a vested interest. Pit bulls are money to many of these groups.

One should be very careful in where one gathers their references on this subject. There are special interest organizations and there are public safety organizations. Look closely at the mission statements of the websites you gather your data from and take your time reading between the lines of anything that sounds too wordy.






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