This page blasts away any notion that I caused the “public” to lose trust. Causing a loss of public trust was the major charge against me.

Besides all of the good Torrington residents who stood along side of me during the t town chatter debate, and had input supporting the good side of that debate, I had a national network of supporters. People who knew I was getting socially lynched for no good reason. Many of these people, like I had been supporting the victims of both pit bull attacks and bullying. Many more of them themselves had seen first hand that a pit bull attack is not an easy event to circumvent.

I had a lot of support when I was under fire. These people went well out of their way for me when I needed them. I forever thank them from the bottom of my heart.  Here are some of these letters from people that knew that my words and intentions were brutally cut from their context.

Below I have included just a fraction of the support that was out there.

To protect them from the hostilities of the pit bull mafia and advocates, I am omitting names.  If you have any doubts about their validity, contact me.

. Please click here to see Ruth’s letter of support. (and also Betty Todd’s story) Ruth’s mother was the first person killed by pit bulls in 2013. Betty Todd was her mother.

She knew my comments were being used out of context.  She was willing to drive from North Carolina to Connecticut to speak on my behalf. She was never afforded the opportunity due the sequence of events that the “investigation” dictated.


 A letter another woman who wrote to me thanking me for everything,  She remembered my troubles, and she remembered some of the things I said, that I was crucified for, and she stabbed pit bulls in the eyes that were in the process of killing her innocent little dog.



“I just can’t imagine.  My dog would be dead if it weren’t for you.  I love my dog like he is my child.  We got attacked by two Pit Bulls out on Padre island and of course they had a lock on his neck.  I didn’t have any weapon on me and I remember I read somewhere that you had said to look around at what you can find.and stab them in the eye I had a car key in my pocket and I gouged there eyes out with it.  They let go then. I was able to save him.  Parker and I thank you.”




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