Hello. I am Richard Prince.

I was the Deputy Fire Marshal in Torrington Connecticut and was politically or socially assassinated by the pit bull mafia (and advocates) in late 2013/ early 2014 and beyond.  Almost everything you were told about me was not true.


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First and foremost, I am a father, a son, a brother, an uncle and a friend. I have been a loving and responsible dog and cat owner and have done a little bit cat rescue work in my community. I have raised about 100,000 dollars in my lifetime through benefit concerts and dances to help support my community. I am a musician, (in the green shirt) fisherman, golfer, sports fan, and generally a lover of life just like everybody else and am not the monster that people led you to believe I am.  Although the rest of this website becomes very event-specific, this is only one chapter in my life and in no way defines me. It is only a small part of who I am.

Secondly, the social media post that I created and was assassinated for creating was a satirical parody. I wrote it, and I own it, and I do not apologize for it from any part of my heart.

One of the major narratives and justifications for firing and/or demoting me for my victim awareness work was a false claim by pit bull advocates that I had posted my satirical parody from my desk at work, while getting paid by the City of Torrington.   These baseless claims by pit bull advocates could have easily been dispelled by the internal investigation of the fire department, but somehow the false narrative survived the "investigation" and later  perpetuated by the press. Interestingly enough, the internal investigator is a pit bull owner and a pit bull advocate himself. His face-book "friends" are the ones who brought forth the  formal and written "complaints"....Much more on that later, and who is who, and who did what.

I did not post this writing from work, as the pit bull mafia of America and media claimed I did. It was done from the front porch of my home on a SUNDAY morning. Off duty hours. PERIOD.

This website is pretty large, and quite informative. Read on. All the details are within.

In about March 2013, I became involved in a public safety awareness campaign while simultaneously defending/assisting pit bull attack victims from bullies as they were trying to deliver their message.

By November 2013, pit bull advocates found a post of mine and and used the words I posted online out of context. They worked together and approached my employer. They wanted me fired. Through a dishonest campaign against me, they succeeded in pushing hard enough to have me demoted, my reputation crashed and my career in the fire service probably damaged beyond repair.

The victim's groups whom I had been helping when I made the statement that pit bull advocates  used out of context can be found here, and here. Please click those links. Although those 2 organizations did not exist in 2013, the groundwork for them was being set in 2013.  I was attacked by pit bull America because of the assistance I had been extending to these victims.


Wikipedia defines the act of removing words from context very well:


The practice of quoting out of context (sometimes referred to as “contextomy” and quote mining), is an informal fallacy and a type of false attribution in which a passage is removed from its surrounding matter in such a way as to distort its intended meaning.[1] Contextomies are stereotypically intentional, but may also occur accidentally if someone misinterprets the meaning and omits something essential to clarifying it, thinking it non-essential.(source Wikipedia)



After my employer received complaints I was stripped of duty and put under an internal investigation.

Almost fired, and demoted.

I was a firefighter for 23 and a half years and a Deputy Fire Marshal for 18 months, until an online comment of mine in a public safety discussion– ironically enough, led to my demotion. In fact I was almost fired.  The comments of mine that they used out of context were originally within the sphere of a public safety awareness campaign discussion.

The comments that I made were not an accurate representation of the campaign, but did stem from a conversation taking place from within the movement.

  Without question, my words were "filtered" and taken from perfectly harmless and useful context, and then used to trash my reputation and ruin my career.

That is the basic chronological version. If you already believe me, you have no need to read any further although you may be interested in knowing who the donkeys are, and who the darlings are.  One more thing I need to toss out here on the front page, before I lose your attention is the fact I did not waste your tax dollar  as you were led to believe. I did not post those posts from work, or from my desk as you were told. I posted those postings from home. Front porch. Sunday morning. That is further detailed on another page.


I am still helping the victims of dangerous dog attacks in 2015 and 2016, regardless of the failure of the pit bull advocates attempts in silencing me.  Here is an NBC interview with me in the summer of 2015,




and the blog about this trip out west is here.



The rest of this website will talk about "who" did this to me. There were a few rogue locals who were involved, and there was a massive collaborative effort nationwide to silence me. There is also information that suggests there are links between the locals and the national people.  

hate group_n

These people are quite proud that they can find things you say and remove your words from context to harm you. They have done it to MANY of us.



   I will include many links to show you things about the band of people who would do things like this to your public safety officer. (many victims of severe canine attacks and their supporters have also been targeted, very much like I have)

I will include many links about who "we" are and what we are trying to do. I will also include links that support both sides of this war, and we will let you make your own conclusions in regards to who wears the white hats, and who wears the black hats.

How to Navigate this website. There are 7 "main" pages which are numbered up top 1-7. These pages are all on the menu at the top of every page.  Each of the 7 main pages also has a "next" link which brings you to the next main page.

There are many other pages in this website that when clicked on will open up in a new window or tab. To return from these pages, to one of the 7 main pages, just close them out.



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